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Mid Century Modern

Measuring 2,201 square feet, the home is constructed of stone, glass, and three different kinds of wood—redwood, cedar, and Douglas fir. Seems like a lot of designers are going back here. See more at Curbed


Barn Living

From the outside, this barn guest house on a 15-acre property near Jackson, Wyoming may come off a bit jarring. A big glass wall under a gambrel roof barn and between weathered reclaimed wood siding? Once you’re inside though, that decision suddenly makes sense. See more

Cardboard Houses

At first glance, cardboard doesn’t seem like a suitable material for building. Yet, we have seen it done, either by award-winning architects using them for large-scale structures, disaster relief housing and even bridges. Dutch design studio Fiction Factory is now offering a microhome constructed out of layered cardboard that they say will last up to 100 years. See more at Treehugger