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The Spinning, Tilting House

 8 feet wide and 44 feet long, it is the size of a shipping container and could easily be mass produced and transported economically. It has a minimal foundation, supported by a single post, treading lightly on the earth. It is raised high off the ground, which is great for installation in areas prone to flooding. It rotates to follow the sun or the view. It tips for access. It’s also an art installation and sadly not a house, but interesting nonetheless. 

It’s All About the Elevation

First impressions always last long, whether you are meeting someone or approaching a house. And when it is about a home, the facade is naturally the first thing a visitor chances upon before they enter the abode. Innovative and creative architects always try to ensure that the facade is truly beautiful. Their choice of material for a fa├žade may range from concrete to wood, stone, brick, glass or even metal.

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A House in the Jungle

 Since this project intial conception it was treated as a “case” to be deployed in areas of high conservation restriction on the slope of the Serra do Mar, Praia do Felix. In order to preserve maximum environmental conditions the project establishes the principle of total mimicry with nature not to be perceived externally. Read more at Archdaily