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Interesting 360 House

A panorama of views extending a full 360 degrees from this house on a gently slopes house by a forest. See more at Homedit


Floating Homes

Aquatecture may just be the next big wave in architecture, as a radical, eco-friendly solution to the rising water dilemmas around the world. Architects are turning their talents towards the sea with new designs emerging all over the world, from minimalistic, rustic dream floats to solar-powered water nests. See more

The Spinning, Tilting House

 8 feet wide and 44 feet long, it is the size of a shipping container and could easily be mass produced and transported economically. It has a minimal foundation, supported by a single post, treading lightly on the earth. It is raised high off the ground, which is great for installation in areas prone to flooding. It rotates to follow the sun or the view. It tips for access. It’s also an art installation and sadly not a house, but interesting nonetheless. 

Homes by Famous Architects That You Can Rent

We had the pretty incredible opportunity to take up residence in a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed space in San Francisco for our latest goop MRKT—and it was a transformative, why-can’t-we-live-like-this-everyday kind of experience. We started digging around and compiled a list of homes around the world that you can actually occupy as vacation rentals. While some stays are more luxurious than others, they all offer a real window into how these famous artists and architects believe daily living ought to be.
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